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The traveling experience is different for everyone based on our backgrounds, economic status, color, passports, personalities, careers, and so much more. Some things we can control, other things we can’t. Since we live in a world of humans different from ourselves, listening and understanding how travel may be different for someone unlike us is something we should all take part in valuing. The Traveling While series facilitates that connection.

Traveling While is a collection of stories based on the differing perspectives of diverse travelers. The purpose is to give readers a perspective on how travel is different for someone unlike them. It is a chance for readers to literally walk in someone else’s shoes. This series was also made as a safe space for travelers with similar identities to discuss, share, feel, and know what to expect when being received by different countries.

You can view the highlighted series below.

Traveling While African
Traveling While Native
Traveling While Black
Ninh Binh, Vietnam
Traveling While Asian