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This series is a collection of stories and perspectives of Traveling While Muslim written by Muslim travelers.

The purpose of this series is to give non-Muslim readers a perspective on how travel is different for someone who may first be judged by their religion before being judged by anything else, and how they are received by different countries. This series was also made for the Muslim traveler as a safe space to discuss, connect, share, feel, and know what to expect.

The traveling experience is different for everyone based on our backgrounds, our economic status, our color, our passports, our religion, our personalities, and so much more.  Some things we can control, other things we can’t. RELIGION is one of the most sacred choices in life that no one should judge us on. And being Muslim is not exclusive to a particular continent or nationality.  These stories are something we should all take part in valuing as we live in a world of humans different from ourselves.

Perspective 1: Why More Muslims Need To Travel

Perspective 2: Muslim Abroad

Perspective 3: Traveling As A Puerto Rican Muslim

Perspective 4: Traveling While Muslim With A Pakistani Passport

Perspective 5: Traveling Before And After My Choice To Wear A Hijab