Traveling While Asian

This series is a collection of stories and perspectives of Traveling While Asian written by Asian travelers.

The purpose of this series is to give non-Asian readers a perspective on how travel is different for someone whose country’s history are not taught in Western schools. With a plethora of identities, languages, religions, cultures, and also differences in skin color, an Asian traveler may interpret and be received by the world completely differently from each other or how the world thinks they are perceived.This series was also made for the Asian traveler as a safe space to discuss, share, feel, and know what to expect.

The traveling experience is different for everyone based on our backgrounds, our economic status, our color, our passports, our personalities, and so much more. Some things we can control, other things we can’t. IDENTITY is one of those things that is uncontrollably assigned to us by the majority society and many times does not match what we self-identify with. These stories are something we should all take part in valuing as we live in a world of humans different from ourselves.

Exploring India's Underground Gay Scene And How Indian Travelers Find Freedom In Travel by Rohan Tandon
Tips For Traveling and Living In Korea And What It's Like Being Korean And Black by Rebecca Chapman
Traveling While Asian-Ced 1
Why Asia Is A Better Destination For Blasian Travelers Than Europe by Cedric
Header - Great Rift Valley
Living In Between: Traveling While Filipina-Canadian by Justine Abigail Yu
Traveling While Asian-Filipino Snowboarder
Filipina Olympic Snowboarding Competitor Travels The World And Tells What It Is Like Being Asian In A Frozen Industry by Nirvana Ortanez
Traveling While Asian -
How To Travel To South Korea And Ally Yourself With Korean-Americans