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Hey there! I receive 100+ DM’s, emails, and requests a day. As much as I’d love to stay and chat, I have a billion things I have to run, ’cause you know, a bitch got bills to pay.

However, if you’re serious about learning, growing, and letting that boss bitch inside you flourish (men can be boss bitches, too), I’m more than happy to stop and discuss if you buy me out of my regular hustle so that I can give you my undivided attention.

I’ve worked behind the scenes with budding bloggers, startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to share my expertise.

Here are some people who have rented me:

  • A blogger trying to grow her Instagram
  • A clothing designer buildig an ecommerce website
  • A travel-itinerary startup targeting people of color
  • An entrepreneur looking for legal advice on silent investing
  • A writer trying to improve her written privilege bias
  • A business owner wanting to improve production
  • A novelist needing a second-pair of eyes and feedback
  • A homeowner wanting to start an AirBnB
  • An author designing a book cover
  • A nurse going back to school and writing her entrance essay

Here’s an idea of things we can talk about:

  • Building a website
  • Growing your audience
  • Managing your social media
  • Finding your voice
  • Defining your brand
  • Talking to news outlets and doing interviews
  • Responding and bouncing back from trolls
  • Discussing plagiarism and how to avoid it
  • Creating consistent and enticing content
  • Monetization and side hustle strategies
  • Applying and managing graduate school
  • Resume editing
  • Protecting your time, energy, heart from everyday human beings

The list goes on. I love talking to people, it’s my favorite. And I do check-ins to quantify improvements. So holla at me! with RENT ME in the subject line.

To maximize your time, it would be best to come in with clearly defined goals on what you want to get out of the session and an “elevator pitch” on what your idea is so we can quickly get started.