Long Distance Love Stories

#LoveFromTheEndsOfTheEarth is a collection of travel stories from long distance lovers who decided to take the plunge and put it all on the line for someone they loved in a different part of the world.

The purpose of this series is to showcase the commonality of the long distance relationships, triumphs and tribulations, and how it allowed a person to grow.

This is a safe space for writers and readers to share and feel the journey of a relationship between cultures, countries, and hearts.

Perspective 1: I Fell In Love With My Spanish Teacher by Saya

Perspective 2: How My Long Distance Romance Turned Into A Toxic Nightmare by Jojo

Perspective 3: Falling In Love Abroad And The Messy Details No One Tells You by Cassandra

Perspective 4: Finding Aloha in South Korea by Solemate Adventures

Perspective 5: Soulmates Over Dim Sum by Jasmine

Perspective 6: Quest For The Unicorn: Birth Of Ricky On The Run

Perspective 7:

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