How Not To Document Your Travels On Social Media Like A Basic Bitch

A lot of the time photo-snapping and traveling go hand-in-hand.  The only thing better than a vacation is going back through your vacation photos and reliving the moment.   I’m obsessed with documentation, mostly because I have a horrible memory and I need pictures to remind me of my experiences, but also because when you travel, your senses are the most heightened and inspire the creative soul trapped inside of you.


When you travel you’re not immune to the mundane of the every day processes and paths of life. You take the same walk everyday, passing the same tree everyday, seeing the same dog everyday. But when you travel, you could pass by a tree and be like OMG LOOK AT THAT LEAF, but really it’s just a leaf, but it’s a leaf in Vienna and the sun is hitting it so perfectly and look at that negative space the leaves creates, yaaass omg like, let me just snap an artsy photo real quick.


I’m all about that shit. Snap photos, snap as many photos as you can without ruining your experience. There is a fine balance between documentation and being in the moment. You don’t want to experience all of your vacation through the lens of a camera nor do you want to alter your experience to fit the picture you want to take. But you do want to document it. I once was on vacation with someone who wanted to find a mossy log to take a picture on instead of happening to encounter a mossy log on the hike and snapping a picture. Get the difference? Another example: when I was in Havana, the tourists brought their selfie sticks in hoards and instead of driving drop top with the wind in their hair in a convertible vintage car, taking in the scenes, and maybe having their phone video recording while they themselves are seeing with their real eyes what’s going on around them, they were completely experiencing the whole thing through their selfie stick just for Snapchat. They saw nothing of their surroundings AND looked basic as fuck to boot. Avoid this.


I personally, am not the Insta-hater who secretly hates that you’re traveling and refuses to like any of your photos.  I want to see where you are, what it’s like, give me detailed captions, I want to feel like I’m on vacation too. BUT there are also some BASIC FUCKING PHOTOS that every basic bitch I know takes and I am hereby prohibiting them from ever appearing on my timeline ever again, cause I will report your ass. Yes, I’m reporting your photo as inappropriate. Then I’m unfollowing, deleting, we aren’t friends.



The following list is actually not just photos; it spans all social media etiquette when traveling.


  1. The Passport and Ticket Pic


Congratulations. You have a passport. Congratulations. You have a ticket. Congratulations you’re doing what 8 million people a day do. Do you want a fuckin’ cookie? (Also, those nails? Get your life.)

This is THE MOST basic post of Instagram. Like 100% you should kill yourself if you ever post a picture like this going forward. Who gives a shit about your ticket? Just take pics when you get there and geo-tag yourself like a normal fucking person. Dammit.


As if this post couldn’t get anymore basic, it can. When you take a photo of your passport, you’re implying you’re going somewhere international where it is required for you to have a passport. But what about that basic bitch that takes a photo of his/her passport and when you zoom in on his/her ticket it says Florida. BYE BITCH! You mean you’re staying within the United States and not even getting your passport stamped?!

I can’t.

  1. The Airplane Window Pic


Look, I know clouds can be cool. I know an aerial picture from above can be cool. But this isn’t even a good picture and it’s played out. Stop with this photo. We get it. You’re in a plane. Here’s an invisible applause for you, now don’t ever take this photo again.


If you take this picture AND caption it with #jetlife #jetsetter…



We know you are actually on a regular ass commercial flight. Cmon now. You ain’t foolin’ nobody.


  1. Bragging about First Class

Ever “checked” into first class lounge? Ever write a Facebook status about how you got upgraded to first class? OR WORSE ever complained on Facebook about your first class status? Like “OH GOD, Delta’s First Class is NOTHING compared to United.”

Well OH GOD, SHUT THE FUCK UP. People who regularly fly First Class don’t make it an event like your broke ass just did.

All in all, it’s great if you’re able to do that, but you’re not documenting, you’re advertising. Bragging isn’t a good look. There’s this thing called humility, try it some time.



  1. Going Live


Are you really about to go live? Like can you not? You know it sends notifications to everyone on your Facebook and no one cares enough to go live with you. Let us watch your videos on our own time, in peace, thanks. Especially when you go live about literally the same thing over and over. I’m not even sure why they made that feature. Maybe use it if you’re in a hostage situation, otherwise think about doing it, and then don’t do it.


  1. The drinks pic with a beach backdrop/artsy cappucino pic


No lie, I actually like these pics. I don’t really think they’re basic. A lot of people mistake common with basic. But can you please fill your acrylics before doing so? And this applies to all photos. If you are a female or a person wanting to be female, do not, I repeat, do not take pictures of your drink or anything with your hands in them if your nails are jank af!

Get a manicure pedicure, BEFORE ever taking a photo for the love of God. You are ruining that picture with your chipped nails and you have no friends cause they should have told you otherwise.


  1. Number of Posts Per Day

This personally doesn’t bother me, but I know it bothers a lot of people and it differs between social media. When I’m on vacation, I like to immediately upload my pics at night once I connect to wifi for fear of dropping my phone in water, losing it, etc.etc. so if I’m posting a lot, it’s not to annoy anyone, it’s just to safeguard my pics. And it’s my social media, so I don’t really give a shit if you’re annoyed. Unfollow me. I don’t post to serve you.  BUT I know other people do it specifically for other people and not for themselves, so here are my general guidelines if you actually want likes and not unfollows.


On Instagram, I personally think 6 pics/day max is good as long as you space them out over time (2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, 2 at night), others would tell you 1. I say, post as many times as you fuckin’ want as long as the pics are different. I don’t want to see the same event 10 different times.


On Snapchat, obviously there’s no limit to Snapchat, but I will say that if you’re on Snapchat too much, then I automatically write your vacation off as a waste of time, no matter how much you try to pretend like you’re having fun. You clearly experienced the entire thing through your cell phone and qualifies you as Master Level Basic.  Also, if you’re at a concert, you get a 1 snap max. Post the entire concert and watch me block you so fast.

On Facebook, meh, again, I don’t really care. If you post too much, I’ll just unfollow you and refollow you once you’re back from vacation. I think unloading your pics everyday, once a day, and adding them to an album of pics is good.


  1. Advertising that you’re about to go somewhere

I’m not really sure why people do this. As soon as they book a ticket they’re like OMG GUYS GUESS WHAT I’M GOING TO HAWAII! Ok? I’m confused what you’re looking for?

It’s different if your status is “Hi Friends, I just booked a ticket to Hawaii and would like any and all suggestions.” Then your status has purpose and isn’t a waste of life sitting on my timeline.

Or even worse, you give us an agenda of your entire year as if we give a shit. Example “Italy in February, El Salvador in April, Hawaii in November!” Well can you go to hell in January so we can skip all of that? Thanks. (Sorry that was mean.)  JUST GO THERE AND TAKE THE PICS, WE DON’T NEED A STEP BY STEP INTERACTION WITH YOUR VACATION, B.

This is what you look like:




8. Posing with Black children


No, you didnt.

Understand this post doesn’t make you look cool, it makes you look RACIST. Regardless of YOUR race, or the race of the children in the picture, if you’re posing with children in a way that makes you look like their Lord and Saviour and guardian angel, you are participating in the ” White Saviour Complex” or “Voluntourism.” Google search yourself.

Your medical missions trips or religious mission trips or whatever the fuck you sign up for isn’t doing anybody any favors. It only services yourself. Understand that this post is SELFISH and exploits minors and their skin color to service your own need for likes. You’re a disgusting disturbed person.

Understand that “Voluntourism” in general is actually detrimental to the society they “service.” It puts people out of jobs, it even has injured children, such as children putting their eyes out or an adult doing it for them so they can get more sympathy and money from tourists (among other examples.) A post on how to give back to a community you’re visiting while not being racist to come later.


In conclusion, vacation pics are my favorite pics in life. But there are just some super basic tendencies that give you away as a novice traveler.  At the end of the day, it’s your social media, you should do whatever you want like all things in life. But, I’m just sayin’…

33 thoughts on “How Not To Document Your Travels On Social Media Like A Basic Bitch

  1. I’m a little confused as to why you’re so angry. I clicked on your website after getting a kick out of the title, heading right for the Bacalar article and really loved how it started off. It’s a refreshing way to read someone’s experience, but couldn’t really get past the, “Before booking a trip to Cancun, 100% jump of a bridge and kill yourself.” Same with the suicide reference in the second article I clicked on, which happened to be this.

    As someone who has lost a best friend to suicide, using this to incite a small chuckle is done in poor taste. It has never been, and will never be funny. I get what you’re trying to accomplish here, but I really hope some of your future posts are proof-read a few times to see how much of it is actually funny, and how much just seems like hypocritical ranting.

    1. Hey Jet Plane Jean! Definitely not angry haha. It’s just my form of humor. It’s definitely not for everyone! And the purpose of my blog is being unfiltered. I do proof-read it for grammar and typos. But I want my blog posts to be as if I’m talking to a friend. This is literally how I speak. I don’t judge you on your writing 🙂 Everyone has their own voice and I support any girl out there trying to do her thing.

      And to assume that I have not had any experience with suicide is poor taste on your part. Sometimes humor is the best antidote to serious subjects. Thanks for taking the time to drop by!

    2. You obviously don’t understand comedy well. Most comics say that comedy comes from pain. Finding humor in something sad or tragic can help alleviate the pain that accompanies it. Also you’re not expected to get or appreciate everyone’s sense of humor but next time try to be a bit less judgemental.

  2. I don’t agree about the posing with black children. Your perception about their action makes you the racist not them. Clearly the girl in the pic is doing some kind of a medical work. I’ve seen a lot of people taking pictures of people in different tribes, wearing different clothes, different colors…that doesn’t make them a racist.

    1. Hey Paige,

      First and foremost, thank you for reading my blog. Second of all, thank you for offering your opinion. Have you talked to any Black people about how they feel about White people posing with little Black kids? Have you talked to them how it affects how Black children are perceived in everyday? Have you talked to them about stereotypes at all? Just because you’ve seen a lot of people do it, does not make it OK. If the girl is doing medical work, does it imply that the Black children are diseased? Or are poor? Or what exactly does it mean to you? And if you were that kid, would you want those implications surround you everyday? Maybe ask yourself or talk to someone about it on the other end.

    2. Kind of like how Trump isn’t racist but says “The Blacks” and believes they all live in inner cities. Ignorance honestly. While I am all for people taking photos of their experiences, I think what is being referred to here is what often appears to be the glorifying of these experiences in the way they are shared. At least in my experience. The albums, the captions, the lack of images of the country they were visiting- it is an extension the general perception the media has portrayed of these regions and the people that live in it that isn’t particularly how THEY want to be portrayed, helpless and disadvantaged. I say this because that is a feeling felt amongst Haitians ( I am Haitian) whenever a news article pops up about the country and there’s a poor child with the tag line “poorest country in western hemisphere.”

    3. I’m sorry Page how is it “clear” that the girl in the picture is doing medical work? Did you see her stethoscope, or scrubs, or MD on her lab coat? No you didn’t. So the only thing that was “clear” about this picture was a white girl taking a picture with black children. You ASSUMED that she was doing medical work. So once again that would prove that you don’t understand how your own biases play into your lack of understanding of what racisim is. Also, you know what they say about assuming.. you make an ass hole out of yourself. (the saying only applied to you in this situation)

      1. What if it is the kids who wanted to have a picture with a girl visiting their place? They may have become friends. Why do not you give the same reaction when a white girl takes pictures with white kids with whom she has played together and then decided to document a memory? I think that is more racist to think she has taken the picture for purposes listed above.

      2. Hey Buse! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I have the same reaction with White girls and White kids. I don’t think it’s appropriate to post with minors unless it is family. However, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s inappropriate to document a memory, either. But in the specific case where Whites are in a more advantageous position than the Colored children, it perpetuates a stereotype, whether or not they are friends, and an image that I, personally, don’t believe is responsible. So posting it on social media, whether one likes it or not, does a disservice to the culture that has no means of representing themselves, and to the person posting meaning to help. Because it actually does the opposite. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, just like you thinking I am a racist. 🙂

    4. I am always undecided about what to feel when I see those pictures, tbh.

      My first reaction is always if they got their parents consent. If they do, I don’t see harm, a priori. However, I get what you are saying, Kiona, about the kind of portrayal it may paint, but most of the pictures I see are just with happy children playing. I don’t get the “saviour” vibe, usually, just the “having a good time” vibe.

      And then it comes to me, the “you are just trying to look good because you made this good deed.” But I don’t know. I really don’t know if a person is trying to be genuine or not, so who am I to judge.

      Also, I do believe you’re right when you say volunteerism serves better the volunteers themselves than the people they are trying to help, usually, and I say this from an insider perspective. I think we do it to shake the guilt that sometimes comes with privilege. What I don’t agree with is that all forms of volunteerism puts people out of jobs or injures anyone, this is an overgeneralization; I do get your point, though, volunteer jobs have to be picked really carefully and not just for the pic!

      So yes, I am utterly confused by my own thoughts! I have posted myself pictures of some of my volunteer jobs, but never showed the kids’ faces, just in case. And always thinking pretty hard “Should I really post this?” But when you volunteer, or when you do anything you’re passionate about for that matter, you tend to share, and in this era of oversharing it just comes sort of naturally. Then again, I am all for doing it sensibly… without truly knowing where to draw the line.

      What a messy and confusing comment. Sorry about that.

      1. Seems like you found out about 25 seconds later 😀 thanks for following back, trying not to be all too basic on my blog or anywhere else really!

      2. This shit sometimes seems like it was designed to actually keep people off your blog, right?! It’s ridiculous. Anyway, should be thegiramondo, too. If you can’t find me I’ll just stalk you there, no worries 😀

  3. I am crying laughing at this hilarious post😂😂😂!!! We have the same humor, and its not mean at all. People like us typically say what people think but are too afraid to say, also our type of comedy is just pointing out the obvious in a very unfiltered and unapologetic way. Truly, you just gained probably the most loyal follower you are going to get, because I see that you don’t let anyone draw the lines for you, you color them in how you want it and I appreciate that as as a black female because American society tells us that we can’t be this way. But you have just proved that there is a space for us, and it is something to be respected and proud of, so if you ever doubted that your work hasn’t touched anyone, just know that you just helped a 22 year old girl in St. Louis find her voice.

    1. Giiiiiiiiirl you got a bitch about to cry out here!!! Thank you SOO much for this comment. You touched me as much as you say I’ve touched you. I’m glad that YOU GET ME. (Because a lot of people don’t, as you can see by the other comments on this lol.) I appreciate this comment more than anything!! What is your IG so we can keep up with each other more?

  4. Thank you! Especially for the last point ✊ i am mad with those pictures of black or asian kids used as accessories. If you dont take picture of children in your country, dont do abroad.

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