Crossing The Border Of The Most Guarded Nation on The Planet

This series is to showcase the different perspectives on crossing the Israeli-Palestinian border. Israel and Palestine were thrust into a long-standing battle for land, religious, and human rights and crossing the border is different depending on your passport and places you’re visiting. It can also affect the places you’re allowed to enter after.

This is a safe space for Palestinians, Israelis, and outsiders to see what it’s like for different people from different backgrounds to cross the border in order to bring awareness to a complicated history that has affected everyone in the area.

Crossing The Border As A Palestinian: Crossing The Border Of Israel As A Palestinian: A Living Nightmare

Crossing The Border On Birthright: Detained At The Airport– An American Going To Israel by Jessica Nemire

Crossing The Border As A Catholic: I Visited Palestine And All I Saw Was Peace by Michelle Johnson


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