Borderless Stories Transcript

Borderless Stories Podcast Episode 7 Transcribed by Melissa Elaine. KC McCormick Çiftçi: Hi there. Welcome to the Borderless Stories podcast. This podcast is a celebration of intercultural relationships as well as a resource for navigating those relationships whether it’s a marriage a business partnership or a close friendship. If you care deeply about someone from another country or culture then you are in the right … Continue reading Borderless Stories Transcript

Conscious + Aligned Transcript

01: Permission Slips and Traveling Intentionally Conscious + Aligned with Chidimma (shortened to C+A) Transcribed by Kimberly Gardner Chidimma shortened to C, Kiona shortened to K *intro music* C: Hey friends, this is C and it’s so good to be back with you all. I am recording with a new friend, K and I will pass the mic over, the proverbial mic over, to her shortly. … Continue reading Conscious + Aligned Transcript

A Millenial’s Guide To Saving The World Transcript

A Millenials Guide to Saving the World Host: Anya Kaats Episode #7 How to Not Travel Like a Basic Bitch with Kiona. Transcribed by Kelly Sheehy. [Soft, electronic music builds] AK: Welcome to A Millenials Guide to Saving the World. With your host, Anya Kaats. This podcast has one mission. To rally a generation that’s been labeled and groomed as lazy, triggered, and entitled and … Continue reading A Millenial’s Guide To Saving The World Transcript