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Have you ever wanted a career in travel?

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Let me tell you about some careers in travel that can get you paid for while you travel the world!

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Careers In Travel 1: Flight Attendant

First up, let’s be real. The most obvious is being a flight attendant. Hear the experiences of three different flight attendants on different carriers and decide if this career is for you. (Warning: extremely beautiful pictures ahead, but also, the deets get ugly.)

Careers In Travel 2: Professional Sweepstaker

Careers In Travel-NYC-Sweepstaking

Or what if you don’t want to work at all. Would rather sit in front of the computer and win some things. Well this career in travel has me SHOOK! Read about being a professional sweepstaker, what that means, rules and regulations to look out for, and how to get started on winning free trips!

Careers In Travel 3: Freelance Writer


Being a freelance writer is probably the most common career in travel you’ll find out there and maybe the most mobile. This professional freelance writer discusses how she got started, how much she charges, and even breaks down health insurance and taxes as she lives abroad in Costa Rica!

Careers In Travel 4: Au Pair


What’s better than getting your accommodations paid for and learning a new language while babysitting abroad? Well this professional au pair in France tells that it can actually be horrifying. From masterbation to dodging knives. See if it’s still for you.

Careers In Travel 5: Working For A Start-Up Company


Traveling for work can be tedious, but it can also be a free way to scoot around the world. This professional marketing director tells about how he’s been able to log free trips, free flights, free food, free accommodations, traveling while working at a start-up company.

Careers In Travel 6: Content Creator & Vlogger


Want to work remote full-time and have a camera? This professional vlogger gives you 6 lessons she learned turning her 9 to 5 job into a remote job and her passion for talking into the camera into a professional vlogging career.

Careers In Travel 7: Dating Rich People

Islas Marietas-Swimsuit Beach

Regardless of your gender identity, there are rich people out there willing to pay to fly you around the world. An ANONYMOUS writer and professional girlfriend discusses how to go about this safely. (The girl in the photo is not the writer.)

Careers In Travel 8: Teaching English Online

VIPKID Teaching-Surfing

Is English your native language and do you want to travel the world? This professional English teacher discusses the perks and downfalls of teaching English around the world.

Careers In Travel 9: Super Yachts To Stripping

You can always just pack your bags and leave without a plan and see what you end up with? This professional life coach discusses the 17 ways she made money traveling from super yachts to stripping from bee keeping to chef. She gives you some ideas.

Careers In Travel #10: Microfinacier

Microfinancer-How I travel

Ever wanted to help others while you travel? This professional microfinancer provides loans to low-income entrepreneurs around the globe and shows you how to get started.

Careers In Travel #11: Study Abroad For Free

Study Abroad in Peru - Visiting Machu Picchu

You gotta study anyway, might as well study abroad! Learn a new language, new subject, stay with a host family, make friends. This is long-term travel for the low, low and getting to learn while you’re at it! This professional student tells how she did it multiple times!

Careers In Travel #12: Traveling Nurse

Traveling Nurse-Nepal

Work to travel or travel to work? A professional nurse tells how she does both, but also how to do medical missions right.

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