Best Planes To Fly On And Why

When comparing flights, price is often a factor. But when you’ve been traveling a LONG time, so are flight carriers. Planes that invest in comfort and updated technology really do make the travel experience better and usually aren’t that much more in price. In addition, planes that have a high level of customer service and make things easier on their customers, not harder, really make a difference. Now if you have a credit card program that is associated with a specific flight carrier, then I would stick with that. But if not, here are my suggestions!

Budget Airlines Are The Best Planes To Fly On

Okay, let’s be real.

Spirit Airlines is actually my favorite airline. Before you write me off, I wanna say, I used to be one of you. Totally and completely disgusted with Spirit Air. When my dad first sent me a ticket from Spirit Air, I was like what the fuck even is Spirit Air? Sounds like death. Why would he buy this cheap ass ticket for me? Does he not know who I am?

best planes to fly on-nene lekes meme

Then I got up to the counter and they were like, ma’am that regular ass carry on bag is going to cost you extra. Da fuc? I thought carry-ons were free. Nope, you can only carry on a small purse or backpack. In addition, I gotta pay to use the ticket counter, like they are going to for real charge me to print off my ticket?

Not like it stops there. I get to my seat and I just wanna take a nap because I’m frustrated. But guess what, ya can’t. Cause the seats don’t recline. It’s hot and I’m thirsty so like when are they gonna serve the drinks? Oh yea, never, cause you gotta pay for those, too. And the stewardess is smacking her gum and telling me there might be a delay, gonna have to catch tomorrow’s flight even though it is NEW YEARS EVE. Like I got parties to go to, places to be, nam mean?

best planes to fly on - nene lekes meme saying "not today devil"

Uhm, WHY would anyone want to ride this airline?

1. Well first, foremost, and most importantly, SPIRIT AIRLINES IS THE BEST AIRLINE TO FLY ON BECAUSE IT IS CHEAP AS FUCK.

The thing about Spirit is if you know what you’re getting into, it is the most genius thing ever. Look, I’ve gotten an international ticket for $34 on Spirit. THIRTY FO’ DOLLAS. No, I’ll wait. Like I spend more on an UBER…to my house. I don’t need water, or a carry-on bag, or a reclining seat for $34. Shit, I would stand for $34. So I’m confused, what did you expect you were gonna get for THIRTY FO’ DOLLAS?

The ideology behind Spirit is that you get to choose your experience instead of the frills being built in for you. If you want a normal airplane experience, that’s great! You pay for it individually and get to customize your experience. If you would rather sleep in a bed of money and let the airlines keep that Coke they’re charging you $50 for, that’s great, too! YOU get to choose. And for that, Spirit Air is brilliant!

2. Now that you know Spirit is going to be like this, just plan ahead.

  • I only bring a backpack while traveling with Spirit so it’s free. You can bring your largest purse, whatever the case is, just know that you kind of get a “carry-on” but don’t also bring a purse. You only get to carry one item, however large (but not TOO large- and don’t you dare try to bring on that basic ass rolling suitcase).
  • If you just really need a carry on, it’s only $25 when you buy it ahead of time.
  • Print off your ticket at home, or use the self-print kiosk if you’re not checking any bags and it is free.
  • Buy a water at the airport or just buy it on the plane, it’s really not that serious. For the savings you get on Spirit, you’re still coming out on top.
  • Plan with some leeway. Spirit is known for its delays so don’t make your flights so close together if you’re trying to connect. Just be easy and know that they may fuck up from time to time but guess what, you had planned for this so it’s all good. (It has actually only happened to me once.) With that said, don’t fly budget if you need to be somewhere on time. I’m never on time so it works out for the both of planes to fly on-leonardo dicaprio throwing money

3. Spirit is the best plane to fly on because it introduced an option to the market.

I have friends that I know would never fly Spirit because they feel like the $200+ price difference is worth being treated like the princess they are. Uhm, that’s cool, but my bank account is looking princess over here with this price difference, so you go ahead.

best planes to fly on-woman sleeping in a pile of money

And guess what, I have the option. Before you would be stuck with Delta or United or American Air that generally all had the same prices. Spirit always has ended up cheaper for me, that’s including prices with Southwest. The only airlines whose prices have been competitive with Spirit Air are any of the Mexican airlines such as Interjet or Aeromexico.

In addition, Spirit has allowed broke ass college students like me and people who just can’t afford a regular plane ticket the opportunity to travel.

4. Spirit’s frequent flier miles don’t expire.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve accrued a lot, but still haven’t used them nor do I know how to use the service. But I DO know that American Airlines frequent flier miles expire and it’s annoying as fuck. Like how are you just gonna take away my miles? If you don’t fly often enough and don’t use the same airline religiously, frequent fliers that expire are doo-doo.

Update: They now do expire. But you can play games or something online in order to keep them from expiring. Or you can just let those hoes expire, you barely paid anything for them anyway.

5. You won’t die.

best planes to fly on-a girl saying "shut up"

I’ve heard comments like “I didn’t fly Spirit because I didn’t wanna die.” Oh. Since when have you heard bad things about Spirit in the news? No, I’ll wait….. Spirit’s airplanes are actually newer than a lot of airplanes out there, so…

6. Spirit Air is like Soul Plane.

best planes to fly on-soul plane photo of flight attendants in purple

It’s true, the stewardesses are a little a lot more ratchet. But it’s actually entertaining if you don’t expect to be talked to like a professional. Once on a flight to Detroit, the stewardess got on the intercom and said, “No smoking. Not cigarettes, not ganja, not that purple herb, not that good shit, don’t do it.”

So that’s how I feel about that.

Now, Spirit is great for budget international flights. I would say the same thing for Frontier domestically. $40 to travel one-way pretty much anywhere? Sign! Me! Up!

The Best Commercial Planes To Fly On

Lufthansa to Europe is always excellent in that they usually have newer planes meaning better entertainment (also better airline food which is all shit anyway).

United Arab Emirates is awesome. All the flight attendants are hot and they give you hot towel after hot towel.

best planes to fly on-united arab emirates

Interjet to Mexico is great, they have so much leg room and new seats with TVs on everyone.

Singapore Air and Qantas I’ve heard are the best airlines. I have personally never flown them but would consider taking a price difference if they were offered.

Copa Air to the Caribbean, Central America, or South America is so great. They give you food on every flight. However, it is a bit difficult booking a ticket as you have to call.

Also, usually, any of the local airlines flying between countries but on continent such as Berlin Air, Austrian Air, Hawaiian Air, Thai Air…etc. are really top standard as well.

United or any airline part of the 5-Star Alliance is OK because should your flight be delayed, they can partner you up with any of the affiliated airlines and you’re good to go. They also have good compensation packages should you need to have an overnight delay somewhere or what not. However, service-wise, they’re not my favs.

And absolutely avoid American Air when possible. They once put me on a plane to Morocco…without any sort of technology or on-flight entertainment. No, no, no. What a boring 9 hour flight.

Best Planes To Fly On Are What You Pay For

In conclusion, flying domestically or under six hours internationally, I will take a budget airline any day! Flying across the ocean or upward of six hours, I will pay extra for the comfort, quality customer service, and reputable brands. Like I have taken a $200-$300 price difference to fly the airplanes above rather than unknown airlines or Malaysia Air (no). To me, safety isn’t really comparable.

Reading the book The Outliers, and finding out how pilots communicate with each other and the chain of command, really made me think about what planes I’m flying and how culture of the pilots affects the safety of everyone involved. If you have time, it’s worth a read! (Just the pilots chapter, everything else is questionable.)

Bon voyage, my friends!

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3 thoughts on “Best Planes To Fly On And Why

  1. If you ever have a chance to fly Avianca in Central America they are great too! Free alcohol!! And they switched my friends flight to be on mine. Very good service even for a super short flight. Love them!

  2. Spirit was my shit back in the day. I went to college in Miami and my parents lived in Orlando (3hr drive vs 30min flight). I would go home every other weekend just because it was cheaper to fly than drive. Back then they used to have penny fairs and I would pay 1cent for the flight and have to cover the tax which took it to like $10 round trip !!! What kind of airline does stuff like that?!? It was amazing and I miss those. Even gas cost $80 to drive each way. Now that I’m International I prefer Qatar but you honestly can’t go wrong with any of the Middle Eastern airlines. The level of class, service, and food is unmatched. And if your flying to a country where alcohol is legal it’s free Liq on dem.

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