Love Letters From Africa

This series is a space for African travelers to share their thoughts and experiences on traveling through their home continent and give advice to other travelers passing through.

Much of today’s content that is generated on Africa is NOT for African travelers nor is it from an African perspective. This means everything we digest today is not representative of those living on the great expanse of such a diverse continent.

So you can read the stories and advice of African travelers here:

My Decision To Travel Africa To Regain My Life On My Africa Eat Pray Love

South African, Judith Meyers, decides she is spiritually, physically, and emotionally broken after divorce and starting her own business. So she takes a trip to travel Africa by bus. Read to find out what she found…

Lessons From Africa: Sudan Travel Isn’t What It Seems

Zimbabwean, Alick Chingapi, realizes he has traveled to Europe and America but never explored his own continent. He sets out on a journey to leave Zimbabwe and isn’t prepared for what he finds…

How This Naija Can’t Swim But Went Shark Diving!

Nigerian-American, Taiwo, travels back to Nigeria and makes her way to South Africa only to find herself in a shark cage…

Where In The World Is Benin?

Beninese, Stella, explains what the country of Benin is like and why you should come visit!

Wakanda Is Not Real. Facts On Liberia And 10 Reasons To Visit Instead

Liberian, Zuleka, describes her escape during the Liberian Civil War and her return to Liberia with 10 reasons you should come visit her!

You can find behind the scenes and more snippets of their stories by searching the hashtag #LoveLettersFromAfrica on Instagram